Rodney Nichols: the foundations of science diplomacy — past & present

What’s better than sitting down with one of your mentors to chat and discuss the state of a field? The Science Soapbox team chatted with Rodney Nichols, one of the organizers of the Science Diplomacy class that inspired this podcast. Rod comes from an extensive background in academia and advocacy, having served as Vice President of The Rockefeller University, and President of the New York Academy of Science. We talk about his personal path to science diplomacy, the current state of affairs, and the grassroots efforts emerging throughout academic campuses.

Here are some of the links and references mentioned during the show:

  • We uploaded the monograph Rod wrote up for the Carnegie Commission of Science, Technology, and Government on the role science and technology can play in United States international affairs, which you can access here
  • Following the Iran Nuclear Deal of 2015, Rod wrote a great piece for Foreign Affairs on why science and diplomacy need each other
  • Maryam discussed science diplomacy efforts around volcanology in North Korea, which you can read more about in this piece in WIRED and in this one in NPR
  • We also mentioned that we’ve interviewed Rod’s Science Diplomacy co-instructor Jesse Ausubel, and that we’ll soon be interviewing Dr. Mandë Holford in a live show coming up in June.
    You can reserve a spot for that here!
  • Avital plugged the AAAS’s Science Diplomacy Education Network, which you can learn more about on their official site with programming soon to launch

This episode was recorded on April 19, 2017 in the Rockefeller University Outreach Lab. Special thanks to Visager for music.

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