The 2016 Research Budgets Are In

The 2016 budgets for federal research agencies!

Right before the holidays, the 114th Congress passed the 2016 omnibus spending bill for the fiscal year (which started back in October). As reported on FYI: the AIP bulletin, from the total $3.99 trillion budget, the following has been allocated to the major research institutes (2016 budget (millions)/ percent increase):

NASA: 19,285 / 7.1%
NIH: 32,084 / 5.8%
DOE: 29,717.3 / 8.4%
NIST: 964.0 / 11.6%
DOD: Science and Technology: 13,250.7 / 8.2%
NSF: 7,463.5 / 1.6% :

  • Falls below the 5.2% increase in overall budget
  • Eliminates wording from earlier House bill that would restrict research funding for geosciences and social, behavioral and economics sciences

For further details visit the FY 2016 Omnibus: Agency R&D Tables.

A majority of Americans say candidates should have basic understanding of science informing public policy

A fitting opening post for our News section! A poll recently commissioned by ResearchAmerica! and indicates wide support for policy and legislation based on scientific data. Notable points include:

  • 84% of Americans agree that it is important for scientists to inform elected officials and the public about their research and its impact on society.
  • Both Democrats and Republicans listed “health care” and “energy” as the top two areas in which research has affected their daily lives.
  • 87% of Americans agree that candidates for President and Congress should have a basic understanding of the science informing public policy issues

For a full description of the poll and a link to its data, go here